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Alimara Barcelona

Hotel Invisible

The Invisible Hotel is a solidarity campaign that aims to raise funds to help people who live in poverty conditions, violence situations, lack of opportunities, helplessness... These are factors that worsen the situation fo the most vulnerable groups and condemn them to social exclusion. Each room of the Invisible Hotel is a reflection of the most invisible of social exclusion. 

The campaign comes from the hand of IReS Foundationa and the Barcelona Hotel Associaton. The Alimara Hotel participates in this campaign, and ask his guests to colaborate also. Donations for this project will be used to solve these groups problems, wich also inspied the name given to the rooms of this symbolic hotel.

Booking a sleepless night at the Invisible Hotel is to make a donation to the IReS Foundation to prevent people at risk of exclusion from having to sleep in these places. 

You can reserve your room here